Tuesday, 28 April 2009



yeah, I have been corrupted.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

i got my gear back

oh hell yeah!last year, it took Blizzard a goddamned 7 weeks to return me part of my stuff.
However, i just got word from my SO/wow partner that all my stuff was in the confines of my inbox, enchants and all.
The first thing I would have to say is that this makes me happy. Secondly, while this whole ordeal costed me an Ulduar spot, it was an interesting experience since even with the nerfed gear i still managed to come on top or second DPS of that fated naxx 10 group- first spot going to an ungodly geared DK. Still, breaking 4k dps unbuffed( no flask or food) in a 10 man, while missing 6% crit, 300 SP and 146 hit is a performance.Go me :)


I woke up on Saturday morning to find that my password wasn't working. having had this happen to me before, i ran to wow-europe and reset my password and got into my account to find that my beloved Zal was wearing her season 2 pvp gear and Lola had half holy half prot gear. Gold gone, a lot of gear gone.

But not all.You see, you can't sell tier pieces. So I still had my 4 pieces of valorous and heroes hands, plus my 4 pieces of T6, pvp gear and badge trinkets , plus old badge gear from 2.4.So I could put together some semblance of decent gear. Full T7 ain't that bad, and I still had Egg of Mortal Essence ( which procs off Fel Armor ticks and is therefore warlock viable) and Sundial of the Exiled- so that took care of trinkets.But I lacked a belt, shoes, rings, back, neck, bracers and a weapon.And this is where previous work paid off.
Exalted with Argent crusade = ring
Exalted with Ebon Blade= belt
Exalted with Wyrmrest Accord= shoes.

Now I was missing a back, weapon. wand and one ring. A quick shuffle through my sadly bare bank found my old pvp neck- Gladiator's pendant of conquest and fused nethergon ring. AH provided a blue back and wand , and I bought that horrible caster sword from Kirin Tor.

But I still missed bracers. Happily, my guildie Kaizen had won the BOE cloth bracers from the first boss in Ulduar and was willing to let me have them- and be paid for them within a week.So there I am, having amassed a measly 2300 SP, 22% something crit and very little damn hit ( but lots of haste) with fel armor and demonic knowledge.

My boyfriend lent me 400 gold and I proceeded to do some dailies, after which we pugged a fast Naxx 10, when i got Charmed Cierge the horrible candleholder looking staff.getting there slowly, right?
Aside from my gold and gear on Zal, Lola had lost quite a bit of stuff, but still had enough to amass 1913 spellpower. For some reason i think I logged in as they were stripping her- as she still had her mace, healing pants, boots, help and belt. However she had lost her healing shoulders ( still has T7 tanking shoulders) and healing gloves ( still has ret and prot T7) and the healing chest from OS 25, not to mention the Voice of Reason shield, the tanking shield, her tanking sword, her collection of dps weapons, etc.
Gherghina my 66 moonkin on a different server was completely naked, but I was missing my second warlock- Ahera clocking in at 77.
Argh.All of this happened Saturday morning. I put a ticket through immediately, and on Sunday morning a very friendly GM returned me my 77 lock, and promised they will be able to restore all the lost gear, money and mats. But he didn't tell me when :(

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

happy 3.1

After 9 months of wandering across the Eu servers, I am finally back on Kul Tiras. I ahve missed my friends, and I have joined my boyfriend's guild, Pretentious.

And now the patch hit.many people were not prepared for it. I am parked outside Ulduar with pots, flasks, buff food and all of the excitement I can muster for the only somewhat new content to grace us in the past 5 months.

Somewhat new because , you know, I have already seen it on the PTR.

Spec you say? Ahhhhhhh yeah. Sweet revenge day as the Afflocks have been hit with the nerfbat. They deserved it too. Having fallen in love with fire destro in TBC and having cried in frustration when I was not allowed to go fire in T6 content ( the Shadow Priests need ISB.!!!- bitches), I levelled as destro ( which is a lot more fun than people realised) I survived the nerfaton that Blizz laid on us patch after patch after patch, waiting for this day. My nightmare is over, long live the destro locks.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009


I am sick and tired of people who act like @OMG WE CLEARED NAXXRAMAS!@ is a great achievement.
It's not. The only thing it proves is that you have a very basic understanding of the game and that is about it.
The content has been out for 5 months, gear is easily obtainable and

Clearing Naxxramas does not make you an elite raider. It does not make you special. IT just makes you incredibly average in a game that ha sbene casualized for the likes of you.

Just making that clear. Enjoy pretending , little kids, because Ulduar is coming and you will be sent back to the casual status where you belong.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


I am such a hexed warlock... Must be that damn troll shaman I kept killing last month.
Little bastard , a level 72 a he time, kept ganking my moonkin in Terokkar Forest. The owl was only 62 at the time, so that stroke me as an insanely cowardly act. So, I logged on Zal and proceeded to gank his ugly blue ass. Once. twice. Three times. After that every timeI saw him in Northrend- which happened as I was working on Loremaster, I'd kill and camp him a few times.

In my experience across servers, Horde members gank a lot more than Ally. And then they have the audacity to complain that us humans are assholes and Varian is a jerk for not liking them.

Next time anyone of you Hordelings feel like kiling a player 5 levels lower than you, I will hunt you down and I will gank you until you need anal sutures. Stop being assholes. Pick on someone your own level.

Me doesnt like the Horde

Jezryah at When Enraged has a post up about how she doesn't like humans, namely how she hates that jerk Varian Wrynn. She seems to present, in my opinion, a very biased image of the human-Horde relations, so here's my point of view.
We have very good reasons to not like the Horde.
1. Orcs invaded our fucking planet, rvaged our lands and came pretty close to obliterating us. Stormwind was raaged by them, the humas decimated and arian's own wife killed.What reasons would we have to like them? Because they say they are peaceful now?
That is kinda hard to believe since attcks on the Alliance are continuing. Either Thall is a shit leader who can't control his own people, OR the peace is just talk.
2. The Horde allies with evil races. The Forsake kept human prisonersin ndercityon whom they tested their Blight. Which Blight was created to kill the scourge AND the living, as in everyone but the Forsaken. Putress migth have betrayed Sylvanas to Varimathras ( and I bet il'Jaedenis behind that) but Sylvanas knew about the blight. And if Thall didnt know... again, then he is shit leader.
The Blood Elves are evil as well, feeding on the demonic magic ( what do you think is in the green chrystals in Eversong Woods?)
3. Thrall's own clan the Frostwolf are constantly battling against the Alliance. How can anyone trust Thrall that he wants peace?
Furthermore, she adds that Draenei hae no place on Azeroth. NEWSFLASH : neither do the orcs. oth races are alien. ne is a destructive warior race, one is a peaceful one.Go figure.